An Adventure

I’ve never really been anywhere or done anything. I have helicopter parents that were too busy, too lazy, or too scared to take my brother and I on fun adventures when we were kids. I’ve never been to a beach, I’ve never been skiing, I’ve never been to concert–and I’ll be 25 this year. Prince Oberyn in Game of Thrones says most people live and die in their corner of the world, but he wants to see as much of it as possible before he dies. I agree, I’d like to see more than just my little Chicago suburb. Home is lovely, but it’s a big world out there with so many wonderful people to meet and learn new things from. Therefore, I’ve decided to take an epic adventure that would make Tolkien proud.

I’ve decided to see all 31 archdiocese in the United States in an epic road trip. I’d like to stop and see some other things along the journey because visiting all 50 states is on my bucket list. I’ve begun dreaming and planning and I hope my readers can come along with me.

After sharing my idea with my brother and friend from work, they have both displayed enthusiasm at the idea of being part of it. I hope to go with or without them, and not to rely on them as a crutch which I have a habit of doing. Keith is like me, in that he hasn’t seen much of the world, but he has seen more than me. Growing up in the same house has caused both of us to develop and unhealthy fear of the unknown, strangers, and the dangers they poses. On the other side of the spectrum is my friend from work. He is a free bird, flying the nest while still a teenager. He has seen much of our beautiful country and seems very excited about the prospect of leaving this corner of the world. He has lived in several states, hitchhiked, and moves ALL THE TIME. I’m hoping to learn a lot from him about being courageous and adventurous.

Hopefully our gang will see some things, meet some people, learn some stuff. I am looking forward to getting out of my comfort zone and having the opportunity to meet some of the wonderful people that make up this country.

Subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel, so you can come along with me on this adventure. And let me know some of the things I should see when I go. Have a sparkly day!

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