Easter Observations

He is risen! I hope you all had a very blessed Lent and a terrific Easter Sunday.

While at Mass this morning I was inspired to write a post about Chreasters. For those of you who do not know what that is, you are probably one of them. A Chreaster is a person who only goes to church on Christmas and Easter. I go to Mass first thing in the morning most weeks and there are usually about 200 people there. Today, it was more like 2, 000. There were so many people, I had to stand in the back of the church throughout the celebration.

A good Christian would say, “That’s wonderful, I’m so glad so many of our brothers and sisters made it to church to celebrate our Lord. I hope they feel inspired to return each week.” I am not a good Christian, I try to be, but I’m not there yet. My thought was, “I come to church week in, week out; holy day of obligation in, holy day of obligation out; I tithe 10%; I volunteer with the kids in religious education, and I have to stand in the back of the church!” This feeling lasted much longer than it should have. Once we got to the homily, I started to loosen up a bit.

Catholicism isn’t about how many times you receive your sacraments, it isn’t about how much time you spend volunteering, and it certainly is not about how much money you give. Catholicism is about family, it is about connecting with our brothers and sisters in Christ. By the end of Mass, I felt so pleased to see so many young families and young couples celebrating the resurrection of Jesus with me over a shared meal of His body and blood. It is a privilege to be Catholic that so many don’t understand. I am thankful for the opportunity to share in the Divine Life by being united to 2, 000 people in my home church and the 1.2 billion others around the world.

I do want to say one thing to Chreasters, we would like to see you more often. We break this bread at least once per week, more like everyday in most places. Come celebrate and share a meal with us more often! Next week is a fun feast, you should definitely join the party.

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