Believe in Tomorrow

I saw a picture on Pinterest once with a quote that said, “to have a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” I love this quote because it communicates the hope of another day. So often we get sucked into the drab of today, the clouds and cold rains of this season (figuratively and literally) keep us from having confidence in what is to come. But, I think planting a garden and experiencing nature, can help all of us draw into a greater hope for what the future holds and an appreciation for the beauty around us.

We have all heard the phrase “stop and smell the roses.” But how many of us actually do it. Taking a walk around a preserve can be so relaxing and bring so much comfort to my heart. It is such a joy to have the opportunity to do that in one’s own backyard. Taking the time to plant and foster a garden can help you live each day in the present and to grow in love for the world around you. We live in our concrete jungles, islands of artificial life and structures. The beauty of nature can help us develop a greater admiration for the simpler things in life.

I’m not very good at gardening. In fact the only things I have successfully grown are lettuce and carrots. But let me tell you, they were the sweetest, most delicious carrots and lettuce I’ve ever had. That’s the other thing about gardening, the food is infinitely better than whatever you can get at the grocery store. Of course, part of the reason it is so sweet is because you grew it yourself, fostering the little life from seed. But it is also made without the use of all the artificial gunk that will inevitably give you cancer. Food grown on big farms isn’t meant to taste good, it is meant to look good and taste good enough to get you to buy more. Have you ever had a real strawberry, a real, fresh, homegrown strawberry? They taste like jam! So sweet and watery, I’m getting hungry just thinking about them. But the stuff they have at grocery stores, is nothing like that. This comes from a variety of reasons, partially that they probably aren’t in season. But growing your own food can do amazing things for your mind and body.

I hope during this spring season you are working on your garden and are enjoying your time outside. If you are growing food, don’t forget to share with your neighbors, especially those that do not like to eat their vegetables!

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