If I Ran the World

When I had writers block and I took to Pinterest to find some inspiration, I stumbled upon a lovely question: What would you do if you ran the world? I love this question! So here are 5 things that came to mind:


  1. Uplift: My primary goal as leader of the world would be to lift all people to higher levels in all positive aspects of life. That means lifting people out of poverty, food insecurity, homelessness, mental illness, and educational disadvantages. I’m sure this is at least one of the goals of all world leaders, yet they are all unsuccessful in solving all the world’s problems. I think this is sometimes where things go awry for those of us being led by those leaders. One cannot make everyone happy all the time. For example, taxes must be raised in order to provide basic human rights like health care. The people who are now receiving amazing affordable care are delighted they now have access to well trained medical professionals, but the people who have to pay more in taxes are displeased because they could use that money for their families needs. I guess having the goal of lifting ALL people is ambitious and impossible. There will always be hunger in the world, there will always be a homelessness in the world, there will always be limited access to drinking water in the world, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight to solve these problems. It means we should work hard, pray harder, and enjoy the merits of the corporal works of mercy.
  2. Teacher and Student: At a bible study, I once heard that at all points in our lives, we are both student and teacher. If I ran the world I would want have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of other people, cultures, the arts, the sciences, and all the things this glorious universe has to offer. I would also like to lead by example and share my knowledge and experience with those who may benefit from it. I would want to be the type of teacher that talks the talk and walks the walk. Rather than just raising money in my cushy castle for the hungry, actually going to soup kitchens and meeting people where they are to look them in the eye and shake their hand. This, I hope, would encourage others to do the same.
  3. Honesty: I would like to be honest about my failures. I’m not perfect, none of us are. We should all be striving for perfection by attempting to be the perfect model of Christ, but all fall short of the glory of God. We live in a world where failure is shameful rather than being a stepping stone on the way to success. We only ever hear about really successful people failing, after they’ve already achieved success. I would like to be a symbol of imperfection constantly standing back up. So many of our leaders, political and cultural, are not honest with us: butt injections, hair medication, how much money is being stored in offshore accounts to avoid paying taxes. I would want to be the type of leader that people can know isn’t always right, but is always trying to become better.
  4. T.E.A.M Work: I believe Together Everyone Achieves More and I would want to bring this to my leadership. A family succeeds when all members support and encourage one another, a community works when everyone does their part, a country prospers when people listen and have dialogue about the important issues they face. If I ran the world, I would want to be the type of leader that knows I may be the first among equals, and everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Our cultural and political leaders build their microcosms of people who reinforce their views, and when someone defects, they are kicked out of the herd. This is no ways to lead, and it’s no way to live. The success of a leader is dependent upon the success of the people they are leading and visa versa. I wish everyone knew this, and if I ever had the chance to run the world, I hope I would remember this.
  5. Culture and Sport: Everyone loves music in some form or another, everyone loves art in some form or another, everyone loves sport in some form or another. We spend all day fighting about the important issues of the day, but manage to come together to celebrate our favorite football team. We spend all day discussing the challenges the people around us are facing and how the other side of the isle is holding us back, but we come together to enjoy movies. Debate and dialogue have a critical part to play in the continued evolution of a society, but culture and sport are unifiers. These things should be encouraged, not defunded. We need them in order to keep us from falling into a perpetual pit of division. If I ran the world, I would participate in cultural explorations and at least watch competitive sports. They have so much to teach us about healthy competition, good sportsmanship, respect for others, and expanding our minds so we do not fear the unknown.
This prompt was so much fun! I realize it is very unlikely I’ll ever rule anything but a few kids in a classroom, but I still enjoyed writing this post. It is a two edged sword, to rule anything, because you can’t make everyone happy, and sometimes decisions have to be made by the leader that the followers won’t understand. But that doesn’t mean our cultural and political leaders shouldn’t work to always make the world a better place than the way they found it. These are the things I would try to do, what about you?

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