Matthew 14:23

Solo prayer! so one of the things I have found with a few of my friends, is they don’t pray alone a lot. Catholics are a communion people (which is awesome). But sometimes, at least with these people, they get too wrapped up in the communion part. Both community group prayer and private introspection prayer are vital to a healthy spiritual life. As always, we need only to look to Jesus to set an example of how we should pray.

The community prayer in Mass, bible study, or dinner are fabulous They connect us to our brothers and sisters in faith, giving us the opportunity to share in one another triumphs and struggles. It reminds us of how we are part of this family in the Church, we have the opportunity to sharpen one another as iron sharpens iron. Private prayer is different, but of equal importance. We have a personal God, a personal God that wants us to call him Abba, Father. A personal God that hangs on the cross for us saying, “I love you this much, you are a special individual to me. I knew you before I knit you together in your mother’s womb. I know the hairs on your head. You are my child.” It is through personal, quit, internal prayer that we can experience this. When we sit in the silence of our hearts with our Lord, we give him the space in our lives to solve the problems of our past. The moments are necessary because without them, we can’t serve the community. We are each given a particular set of talents, skills, and traits that God intends for us to use in order to help one another and grow His Kingdom. We can’t find these skills if we are too busy to sit quietly with him.

Jesus sets an example for EVERYTHING for us, including the way we should pray. Formal group prayers like the the Our Father are important; especially when it comes to the sacraments. But we also need a heart-to-heart connection with our Lord that can only be found in the quiet places. In this verse, it’s a mountain; for me, it’s a like near my house; for others, it’s their bedroom. Where is yours?

Have a sparkly day!

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