Jeremiah 31:13

I always think of verses like this during Lent. It is an emotional penitential and anticipatory season. But we should be living our lives with the lessons of Lent; thinking always about how we can prepare our hearts to receive God, to fix our eyes on ways to serve him, to seek reconciliation regularly, and to purge ourselves of the things that lead us away from God. There are many times things in this life are hard, even too hard for us to handle (or so we think). But in our mourning, Christ turns it to joy because of the salvation he offers. Many of us feel heartbreak at the loss of a loved one, but with Jesus, we can pray for the repose of their soul, offer up our sadness for the good of His Holy Church, and unite ourselves to his suffering on the cross and the sufferings of his Blessed Mother. The key to this verse, the key to Lent, the key to our lives, is hope. The hope that only faith in Jesus offers. The kind of hope that stands in the way of despair and is not overwhelmed, the hope that there is more than just this life. Today I pray that we are always able to live a lenten life of penance and anticipation.

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