Psalm 119:29

Other translations of this verse say “lying” or “deceit” instead of “falsehood.” When I hear these words, I think of the deceitful nature of the evil one who tries to speak to us through worldly temptations. We say it all the time, the ways of the world are destruction and death but God’s laws are life. His laws are a gift, though we don’t always see it that way.

We are in an election year, and things are a little crazy. One of the things I keep seeing pop up online is, “It doesn’t matter who is president, because God is still King.” In one sense, that calms me. It reminds me that things may get pretty crazy but as long as I stay plugged into my Lord, I will be okay. He answers prayers for all of us. On the other hand, I’m reminded about how far our country’s laws are from God’s laws. Specifically same-sex marriage, abortion, and euthanasia. When it comes to these things, God’s laws have been unwavering. Our Constitution, on the other hand, is a living document, open to interpretation and additions in a way God’s law isn’t. Our deposit of faith was closed with the death of St. John. but the Constitution is at the whim of Supreme Court Justices that will manipulate and rephrase things to meet their own ideological agenda. We are living in dark and scary times.

Although, my fears for the future of my country are strong and I don’t know what the future holds for the U.S. politically or legally, I have an opportunity each day to live my life in accord with God’s laws. His laws are a favor to me and a delight to my heart amidst the dangers of a world full of falsehood. My hope is in Christ, my faith is in my redeemer, my comfort is in the Lord. Although the country may be going to the dogs, my heart will not grow weary, because it don’ts matter who is president, Jesus is still the King of kings.

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