Matthew 7:15-16

Being Catholic, I’ve heard some pretty horrendous things about the Church. Now I mean the entire Church not the miserable members of the Church that harm children. One specific thing I’ve heard is that if you sell the Vatican, you can end world hunger. This statement drives me a little crazy, especially when it comes from Televangelists or anyone that follows Protestant Personalities rather than religion. Here’s why: no group of people in the history of the planet earth have fed, clothed, housed, and educated more people than the Catholic Church. Here’s the real kicker, YOU CAN GO TO THE VATICAN. Yeah, St. Peter’s is a tourist destination. Can you walk around Joyce Mayer, Joel Osteen, or Creflo Dollar’s house? No. Besides, you probably wouldn’t want to since they don’t have all 2,000 years of Christian history. Do you know why? Because only the Catholic Church has been around for 2,000 years. It’s the only church Christ himself started. We follow Jesus, not pastors or talking heads on a TV. It’s a ridiculous suggestion that obviously annoys me. The fruits of the Catholic Church speak for themselves.

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