Being Content

I am a huge worrier! Most of my time is spent worrying. I met with Father Smiles awhile back and he reminded me about being content and living in the moment. For those of us who worry too much, it usually comes from thinking too much about what has been or what will be, and not enough about what is being. Father suggested that in the moments of unrest about the past or concerns about he future, I take some time to consider how I’m feeling in the present. I have found that I am usually unhappy. I wonder if I’m thinking about the past or the future because I’m not satisfied with the present.
As I have spent time praying over this, I have felt the Lord say to me that I can trust him to take care of the future. He usually follows with the question, “Can I trust you to take care of the present?” We have all heard the quote that the present is what happens when we are too busy worrying about tomorrow. This is exactly what the Lord has placed on my heart. In all my times of stress about getting something done for tomorrow, he reminds me that he has given me tasks for today that need to be done. I have to learn to let him have the future because it’s not in my control. Today is in my control so I can only do what he has asked me to do today.
Other times I worry about the past. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life and I worry about how they will affect the people in my life now and the people that will be in my life later. In these moments Jesus reminds me that his mercy  overflows and his love for me is enough to cover my past. I think this is one to the most important things for us to remember. God is mercy and love, he forgives our sins and asks us to go and sin no more. By the grace of God the sins I struggled with become easier and easier to avoid. In times of worry about the past I have to remember what Jesus says to the woman caught in adultery.
The key to being content is to not live in the future or in the past. For me, the key is living each moment as the Lord blesses me with it. There is nothing I can do to change what Past Lexie did and I can’t do too much to control Future Lexie either. I can only worry about what Present Lexie is doing. Will I trust the Lord’s mercy with my past? Will I trust the Lord’s plan with my future? Can the Lord trust me to do what I need to do for him today? If I spend all my time worrying, then he can’t trust me. So when I catch myself thinking too much about the past or the future and not enough time on the present, I go to prayer and ask for the grace to trust him and live this moment for him.
Have a sparkly day!

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