For much of this season I have been trying to pull my old joy into my current misery. It’s been a fruitfulness and exhausting battle. The world is like quicksand to me. The more I have fought to stay close to Christ, the further I become from him. I would say that our relationship used to be easy but perhaps that’s not the right word. It used to work but it still look effort and patience. Here I am, exerting more force with a fraction of the result.
We call ourselves (the Church) the Bride of Christ. Much like the marriage, the relationship takes work. At times both people feel they are giving 100% of themselves to other person, but they still aren’t connecting. Other times, they give 95% an it’s enough. I feel the Lord and I are giving 100% but I’m still not connecting to him. For some, this means divorce from their spouse or the Church. For others, it means it’s time to take 10 steps back and start fresh.
I’m thinking about a season of life when I was close with God. It had its trials, but it was okay. Things happen by I’m not going to lose that vision of what we used to be. Instead, I’m going back there. For those of you who are lost or disenchanted by the Faith, remember when it was strong. Now hold onto that thought and go back to it. What has changed between then and now? Can you change it back? Can you alter the current reality to imitate the past reality?
For me, it’s work. For you, it could be a relationship. We all have something that blurs our vision of God even when we frequent the sacraments. The key is not to settle. Never settle for a mediocre relationship, an average job, or an acceptable life. Sprint after your hopes, run after your dreams, and climb mountains to get to Jesus. You have the power to change things. I have the power to change things. Let’s change the world by drawing deeper into our Savior.


Have a sparkly day!

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