I am in a very stressful season of life. I feel like I don’t have time for anything or anyone, my family is dependent on me, my job is high pressure, and my prayer life is weak. Let’s hold it right there for a moment. My prayer life is weak. I’ll tell you from first hand experience, it isn’t pretty. The reason I’m feeling so stressed out is because prayer is weak.
I feel weak; I am literally in pain from all the pressure I’m under. Is this the Lord’s will for me? Absolutely not! God does not want us to be stressed and miserable, a little uncomfortable sure, but not stressed. He wishes to be our delight and our joy, doing his will should bring us peace. Notice the: should. I am doing the Lord’s will but I’m far from being at peace. Have you ever felt this way? You go into prayer and ask the Lord what his will is, then when you do his will, you’re in complete chaos? Do you know why that is, because we do the will of the Lord with an unwilling heart! The reason I don’t have peace in doing the will of God is because I am rejecting it. I have said, “Fine, Abba if I have to.” I’m dragging my feet and sighing every step of the way.
In times like this we need a heart change. The best place to go for a change of heart, for me, is the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Man, does she work wonders! Our Lady is here to help, support, and guide us toward her son. When we go to her for help she is always there to lend an ear and sprinkle a little extra grace on your day. It is through prayer with Mary that we humble ourselves before Jesus. She is there to assist us in releasing stress by taking some of the pressure off of us. Please know that when we entrust a task to Mary, we can be sure that a situation will turn out exactly as Christ wants it to. We have to entrust everything to her. Our entire lives, every move we make, every word we speak should go through Mary because she will purify it and present it to her son so that his will may be done in our lives.
I have been in sheer chaos for days. Between work, family, church, and friends my head is spinning in a tornado of emotions I can’t seem to get a handle on it. Half way through writing this post I went to Mass. After Mass, Jesus and Mary asked me to go sit with Mary for a few minutes and present my heart to her. Some of my pain has already been lifted. I am trying to walk by sight, not by faith. Every moment of Mary’s life on earth was a step of faith and she did it with peace and joy. This is what our Lady offers us when we follow her. This is what her son provides for us when we live as his mother.
My prayer for us today is that we will walk by faith and not by sight by resting in the peace of Christ through Mary.


Have a sparkly day.

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