Lost Sparkle

I’ve lost my sparkle. I’m really very stressed about it because I love my sparkle and so do many other people (not all, but many). If you’re wondering what sparkle is, you may refer to it as joy. It is that bubbly virtue that radiates through as smiles, kind words, and gentle hands. Yeah, mine is gone. I don’t know where I lost it and I’m not sure when I lost it. I know my heart is dark and my soul is cloudy.
I went to Confession a couple days ago, one week late. I thought that might be it. I am routine oriented and when my schedule is off, I’m off. The problem is I still haven’t found my sparkle. Several people over the last couple weeks have told me I need an attitude adjustment; I’ve been a bit of a Negative Nancy. No one wants that! So what is my problem?
As I sit here in Adoration, the Lord has blessed me with some wisdom. Are you ready for it…you’ve probably never heard it before. Joy comes from service! I have been so self-indulgent lately. I have been wallowing in my own misery for weeks. When I’m alone I think of myself and how miserable I am. When I’m with others, I think they should be listening to how stressed out I am about my life instead of opening my heart to them in their struggles. The more time I spend thinking about myself the more miserable I become.
I work in sales. It’s a very competitive, greedy, and vain work environment. To be honest, my place of business isn’t half as bad as some other places, but it’s still not a monastery or anything like that. Rather than allowing Christ’s light of peace, joy, and contentment shine through me, I’ve given into the voices of the world. I want to sell more than the guys next to me because they aren’t nice and they need to be taught a lesson. What I should be thinking is, how can I meet the needs of my guests, and if I can’t, the should shop somewhere else. In less than three months, I’ve gone from others-centered to self-centered. And I’m miserable!
The good news is I’ve identified the problem and the solution. Now I need the game plan. How do I get my joy back? How do I get my heart back to being focused on the needs of the people in my life? Well that’s easy to answer, prayer! It is through time with Christ and recognizing our needs for him that we grow in humility. Joy comes from the Spirit, love comes from the Spirit. In order to get the sparkle back, I have to spend time quietly with the Lord, welcoming him into my life, and giving him the space to change my heart. Instead of saying I want to sell…I want to earn…I should say, how can I serve…how can I love…?
Jesus tells us that whoever exalts himself will be humbled. These two weeks without sparkle have certainly been humbling. I wonder if many of your struggle with something similar? When we aren’t on track with the Lord and allowing his love to teach us, our attitudes affect others. It is through service that we find purpose and it is through love that we find fulfillment. In order to be joyful, we must seek the peace Christ offers us by giving of ourselves for the good of his creation.


Don’t forget to subscribe because tomorrow’s post will be about how to overcome stress. In the comments below, let me know what you do to get or keep you sparkle. I hope your day is full of sparkle.

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