3 Uses of Coconut Oil

I love coconut oil for my beauty routine! Here are three of my favorite uses:
  1. Hair: Before I wash my hair, I put coconut on my scalp, ends, and strands. I do that because it helps keep my hair moisturized during shampooing. It also helps with dryness, dandruff, and helps hair grow longer and stronger.
  2. Skin: I suffer from a skin condition called Eczema which results in ultra dry skin, especially during winter. I have it on my face, so I don’t want to put thick creams or medications there out of risk of breakouts. Luckily, coconut oil is ideal for skin. It doesn’t make me skin go crazy. Instead, it keeps it dry and balanced.
  3. Teeth: This is something I’ve just started doing and it is a little weird. I first heard about oil pulling online and basically, you swirl oil around in your mouth. It helps pull the bacteria out from between your teeth and make your mouth more healthy. It isn’t as harsh as mouth wash.
Coconut oil is my beauty secret ingredient. If you are not on the coconut oil bandwagon yet, join us! There are so many uses for it in your beauty routine for both external and internal health.


In the comments below, let me know how you use coconut oil. Also, subscribe because tomorrow’s post will be a YouTube video on a book I’ve just finished reading. Thanks for stopping by and have a sparkly day.

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