3 Components of Courtship: Ministry

One of the things I am looking for in a potential husband is if he has a heart for others. A servant’s heart is a beautiful heart. The Lord has placed on each offs a specific charism that he asks us to use in order to grow His Kingdom. We all have a responsibility to God to do what he has called us to do. In that, a couple should be able to do ministry together. A great opportunity to determine if the two of you have compatible work personalities and charisms is to do ministry together.
We can learn so much about the other person through ministry. One thing that is close to my heart is children. A young man that is also interested in nurturing children spiritually will really speak to my heart. When it comes time for a courtship, I would like to teach RE or CCD with him. This will show me how patient he is, if he actually likes children, if he can identify the needs of children and meet them, if he has an instinct to nurture, how he disciplines children, and much more. All of these things are important for me to know as someone who would like to have a family some day.
Through ministry you will be able to determine if you can work together. Throughout life there will be many times when you will have to work together. During a courtship you should find out if you can trust him to do his part of the work, if he is willing to go the extra mile for the project, and see what special talents he has. At the same time he should be determining if he can trust you to do your share of the work. Ministry is also a wonderful place to find out who is going to submit to whom and how. I believe in being submissive to one’s husband and respectfully sharing an opinion. When two people work together, they can find out how one submits. Will I pout and say, “Fine have it your way, but it’s not going to work.” That’s not a very appealing way to respond to differences in opinion. At the same time, will he try to dominate too much and not allow me to speak my mind? Will my thoughts, ideas, and opinions be welcomed? Can the two of us compromise? Relationships are about compromising and dialogue so we should know if we have the ability to compromise before getting married.
For me, ministry is the perfect opportunity to find out if a relationship is capable of standing the test of time. It is important for both of you to work together and for each of you to do God’s work. What better way to do that than with the person your courting? And what better way to find out if your compatible? Marriage is about working together, compromising, and communicating. Doing ministry together can help two people learn so much about each other.


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