The Purpose of Singleness

I like to think of singleness as a being like the pre-season in sports. It is a time for the athletes to get in shape, learn the plays, and find out who is ready to start the season and who isn’t. For those of us who are single, with a desire to marry, it is very important that we prepare. Here are a few things I’m working on:
  1. Jesus: We all have a God shaped hole in our hearts that only the Lord can fill. The quickest way to ruin a relationship is by trying to fit a guy into that hole. We have to be completely dependent on Jesus and trust in him. This will be a skill that will be essential in a marriage. Strive each day to make Jesus the center and peak of your day and don’t allow anyone or anything to change that. Plus, it is through Christ that we find the peace and contentment necessary for a successful family and the strength to love and support a household.
  2. Domestics: I’m an old school girl and I think a woman should stay at home and care for her husband, children, and home. Therefore it is important for me to learn how to cook, clean, handle children, knit, sew, etc. To me, these things are very important when it comes to running a home. Too many women don’t make these skills a priority while they are young which results in more issues in their later life. While we have this time of trial and error, learn all the important domestic duties.
  3. Finances: One of the top reasons people get divorced is money. This says to be that I need to learn more about money now and develop healthy financial habits. The first important things is saving. I have to learn how to save money, both long and short term. Using coupons, shopping at thrift stores, and making my own food instead of eating out contribute to saving money. The second important thing is investing. Too many of us are working for our money instead of letting our money work for us. I’m learning about stocks, bonds, real estate, and other ways to invest my hard earned money. Fourth is staying debt free. Debt ruins lives so I am committed to getting out of debt and staying out. Finally, is making money. As I mentioned, I’d like to stay at home but the cost of living is only going to increase. Because of this, I’d like to find a way to bring extra money into my home. A blog perhaps?


Our Lord is all knowing and kind. The reason we aren’t married yet is because we aren’t ready. But what a blessing it is to have the opportunity to learn and grow so that we can prepare ourselves for the person God has for us. I want to be the best I can possibly be for my husband so I am going to do whatever I can to prepare myself for him.
In the comments below, let me know what you are doing to prepare for a future marriage. Also, subscribe because tomorrow will be a YouTube video about Lent. Thanks for stopping by and have a sparkly day!

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