3 Pre Workout Snacks

We are now in the season of gym memberships, yoga mats, and kettle balls. I’d like to encourage all of you to keep up the great work you are doing to get in shape. To help you continue on your journey, here is a list of my 3 favorite pre-workout snacks:
  1. Bananas: The natural sugar found in bananas will help you sustain your energy level during your workout, plus the potassium does wonders for your blood pressure.
  2. Berries: Vitamin C found in berries is ideal for your muscles to begin strengthening and repairing during your workout.
  3. Bagel: A whole grain bagel has complex carbs that will burn slowly throughout your workout for a sustained energy level.
In the morning, I like to toast a whole grain bagel and smear almond butter. The nut butters give a dash of protein to help your muscles build. Then, drink a berry banana smoothie. Once your nutrition is on point, it’s time to get to they gym!


In the comment section, let me know what your favorite workout food is. Also, subscribe because tomorrow I will have a YouTube video about a book review. Thanks for stopping by, and have a sparkly day!

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