Can’t Get a Guy, Wear a Skirt

Last summer I was working on a very hot day. I wear skirts all the time, but one of the gals I worked with was also wearing a skirt on this particular day. We got to talking about how skirts are great when it’s hot because they allow for a little extra breeze to keep you cool. But, she said something that alarmed me. She said, “Skirts solve all problems. It’s hot, wear a skirt. Can’t get a guy, wear a skirt.” Now to be fair to her, she is a young lady living in 21st century America and when I was her age, I probably would have said something similar. The unfortunate thing is that this is where the minds of our young women are. Are we nothing more than skirts to young men?
As mentioned, I wear skirts all the time. I have been skirts only since joining the Church. There is a young man I go to church with that noticed my skirts. It made me feel good that he noticed them because there is a communication in what we wear. When he mentioned my skirts, my guard went down a bit. Girls today have to verbally set their limits because their clothes communicate something completely different. In this instance, respect was communicated without words. All girls want to be respected, but I wonder if we don’t know how to get to that point.
The only thing about my outward appearance that has changed since being baptized is my clothes. I don’t get whistled at like I used to, when people talk to me they look at my face, people seem to concentrate more on what I have to say than what I look like. Our clothes certainly do a lot of communicating for us, but what are they saying? And what do we want our clothes to say?
I want my clothes to say that I am a princess of the King of kings and Lord of lords. I should be respected as a human being and a coheir to the Kingdom of God. I am not a piece of meat, I am not a chew toy, and I am not something to have fun with on the weekends. I wear skirts that are knee length or longer, I wear pantyhose or tights, I wear shirts that don’t show my chest or shoulders, I don’t wear heals. If I want my clothes to say I am seeking attention from any guy in any way I can get it, I would wear a short, tight skirt, high heels, and a low cut top.
I am a firm believer in the strength and dignity of women, hence the title of this blog. But I don’t think we find our strength and dignity in displaying ourselves for all to see. Do our young ladies realize this? Are older women sharing this with younger women? Although I am only a few years older than the girl at work, I have come a long way since being where she is. As I said, when I was her age, I would have probably said the same thing. In fact, I know I said things that were worse about my clothes and the kind of attention they would get. I should have pointed out to her that her worth is not dependent upon the opinion of the guys around her. She, too, is a beautiful creature made in the image of God. I said nothing. Is this what all of us are doing? Are we, the ones who have been there and made the mistakes, the reason girls feel this way? Is it because I have kept my mouth shut, giggled shyly at the joke, or broke eye contact uncomfortably the reason why young women today think that if they can’t get a guy, they should wear a skirt or that not having a guy is a problem? Lord willing, I will have another opportunity to share God’s unending love for her so she doesn’t seek the wrong attention in the wrong way from the wrong person.
For all the young women reading this, I want to tell you that your body is a beautiful and perfect gift from God. He gave it to you because you are so special and dear to him. He wants you to love your body and protect it, not feel ashamed of it or to expose it to those who may take advantage of you. Your body belongs to him, you belong to him, your dignity is in him. Never let someone bring you down about your body, never let someone make you feel like you have to use your magnificent gift as a tool. You are not a tool, you are a person, you are a lady. Act like it, talk like it, walk like it, dress like it.


I’d really like to see your responses to this post, so please comment in the section below. Subscribe because tomorrow’s post is going to be about some things I like to eat before a workout in order to have maximum energy. Thanks for stopping by, and have a sparkly day!

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