Looking Into His Eyes

Awhile back I went out with a friend who told me that he read something about people looking into one another’s eyes for four minutes and falling in love. He said that some people married after this experiment and the people that were already married felt closer to their spouse than ever before. This has been on my mind ever since. What is it about prolonged eye contact that brings people together?
We say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. I’d imagine that seeing into someone’s soul would bring two people closer together. But I think there is more to explore. In such a moment, we also open ourselves to being vulnerable. This deep, open vulnerability is really scary but there is an exchange of trust in it. He is being vulnerable with her so she can be vulnerable with him. This trust and vulnerability are what lasting relationships are made of.
In all of our relationships we must establish trust because it fosters communication. Two people, regardless of the type of relationship, need to be able to share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas freely. This is how humans grow and improve. If we can develop better communication, then we can also build stronger families.
One thing that saddens me deeply is how the family unit has failed in this country. I wonder if people made the conscious effort to look into their partner’s eyes for four minutes every once in awhile, then these “irreconcilable differences” could be reconciled. Can a deep love connection of trust and communication lead to better marriages and healthier children?


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