The Holy Hour

The second most important hour of the day is the Holy Hour. In case you’re confused, the first most important hour is the Mass…everyday. One’s Holy Hour and Mass should reflect one another. While in chapel, I reflect on the Mass readings and the homily I heard. During Mass, I consider what intentions I should pray about more deeply when I get to chapel. I think Adoration is a seriously underutilized resource by many of my brothers and sisters. This may be because their parish doesn’t offer adoration or because they just don’t know what to do while there. If you’re church does not offer adoration, try getting to Mass early or committing yourself to staying after Mass to pray. Perpetual adoration is a serious ministry that many parishes just don’t have the resources to offer. Ask your ministry coordinator if you can start this ministry, I promise it will be a great help to all the faithful.
Many don’t know what to do with themselves for an hour of silence. Here is a list of my three favorite things to do in chapel:
  1. Read: First off, I enjoy reading wherever I am. The greatest way to expand one’s mind is through books. My bible is what I read most of the time. We should spend time in scripture regularly and a great place to do it is in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Other people enjoy reading the lives of the saints and other spiritual books. Chapel should be a place of reflection and reading about the saints during this time can help you weave their teachings into your life.
  2. Journal: Another thing I love to do is journal. It’s great to get the things rolling around in my head, out! Getting things on paper can help me sort things out and bring clarity to an otherwise mucky situation. I do a lot of journaling in chapel, in fact, many of my posts are written in chapel. I tend to listen to the Lord most when I’m quiet in front of Eucharist where he pours so many ideas into my head, I just have to share them with others.
  3. Pray: I suppose prayer is the most obvious and probably the most difficult. Many of us simply don’t know how to pray and sitting in a quiet room for an hour can be a bit daunting. I think I’ll write a post about prayer to help those of you who have difficulty with this aspect of spiritual life. A few ways you can start praying during your Holy Hour, are:
    1. Rosary: Who doesn’t love the Rosary? It is the best place to start because it invites our Lord, our Lady, and all of our brothers and sisters (on earth and in heaven) into our prayer lives. I recommend starting with the Rosary.
    2. The Stations of the Cross: The chapels I have seen have the Stations of the Cross around the perimeter. I often see fellow adorers doing the stations, especially during Lent. They are another great meditation to draw close to Jesus by reminding us what his Passion was like for him and those around him. Puts life in perspective.
    3. Prayer Cards and Books: Check your local Catholic bookstore or an online store for Catholic prayer books and cards. These can be the beginning of digging deeper into prayer. Allow them to be the catalyst to help you grow in  your relationship with Christ.
    4. Mental Prayer: Probably the most difficult because it requires silence in your heart. It is in mental or contemplative prayer that Jesus opens the wounds we have so desperately tried to close. He does this to help us actually heal those wounds, rather than covering them up. This type of prayer is a challenge and a great joy once achieved. Just be silent with the Precious Body and invite God into your heart.
The final point I’d like to make today is that adoration doesn’t have to be an hour each day. That should be the goal, but it isn’t a requirement. The purpose of the Holy Hour is to connect your heart with the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. At times that only takes 10 minutes, other times it takes 2 hours. Do what he is asking you to do. Another thing I’d like to mention is that your Holy Hour should be spent doing what the Lord has asked you to do. There are days I come to chapel and spend the entire time in my bible, other times in my journal, and other times in mental prayer. The point is, your time with Jesus should be about connecting with him in whatever way possible. One of the ways I like to think about my time in adoration is as a date with Jesus. When you’re on a date with your significant other, you want to talk, do what they want to do, and connect hearts. This should be exactly what you’re doing in chapel on a regular basis. With the Lord, it’s not dinner and a movie, it’s Mass and Adoration.


In the comment section below, let me know what you do for your Holy Hour. Also, don’t forget to subscribe because tomorrow we will be having another linkup party. If you have a blog, share it. If you don’t have a blog, come check out the blogs of others. Thanks for stopping by, and have a sparkly day!

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