My Bucket List


Since yesterday was about resolutions, today can be about the items on my bucket list. Here are five things I’d like to do before I die:

  1. Attend a papal Mass: To be honest, I’d like to have the whole Vatican experience seeing the holy see, especially the Sistine Chapel. I’d be happy to see any pope, I’m sure, but Pope Francis was pope when I was baptized and is part of the reason why I joined the Church. Seeing him preside over liturgy would be very special.
  2. Go on a safari: Elephants are my favorite animals. I have great respect for rhinos, giraffes, and all the many African wild life. I’ve only ever seen them at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, to see them in their natural habitat would be amazing.
  3. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef: The coral reefs are in really big trouble because of pollution. I’d like to see one of the greatest places of colorful diversity our planet has to offer before it disappears forever.
  4. See all 50 states: I guess I should say the 49 I don’t live in. There are so many natural wonders I’d like to see like the volcanoes of Hawaii, Niagara Falls, and the Rocky Mountains. There are also plenty of cultural wonders like Freedom Tower, Mardi Gras, and the Hollywood sign. We have a beautiful, vast, diverse country that I would love to experience.
  5. Travel Europe: London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Dublin, Berlin, St. Petersburg, Rome, Milan, Venice, Paris, Madrid, Prague, Amsterdam, Budapest, Barcelona, Vienna, Florence, Athens, Krakow, Stockholm, Munich, Lyon, Bucharest, Warsaw, Naples, Geneva. I want to see the art, music, architecture, and most importantly, the FOOD. Culture, language, and books, it would be so nice to get out of my little corner of the world.

These are my top five bucket list items. Have you been adventurers and done of them? Or are they on your bucket list too? I wonder how ours compare. If I ever have the spectacular opportunity to do any of these things, I will happily share the with all of you.

Have a sparkly day!

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