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The Day for Birds

Happy Bird Day! For today’s post I’ve decided to give you a list of some of my favorite birds.

  1. Dove: I love doves because they represent the Holy Spirit. They also represent love and relationships. Aren’t they beautiful?
  2. Flamingo: I fell in love with flamingos on my first visit to Walt Disney World. They are gorgeous and PINK! This comes from the crustaceans they eat, isn’t that fascinating–and a little scary to think about what I’m eating.
  3. Blue Jay: These delightful little gems remind me of my favorite gem, the sapphire. Their blue feathers amaze me.
  4. Crows: Probably a surprising choice for this list but they remind me of Game of Thrones, so I have great respect for them.
  5. Peacock: Let me specify, the male peacock. They re so grand and boisterous, I love how they spread their feathers to attract a mate.
  6. Cardinal: As a Chicago girl, I both love and hate cardinals. On the one hand, they are the state bird of Illinois. On the other hand, the St. Louis Cardinals are a rival of the Chicago Cubs. They are beautiful and their gorgeous red color compliments the snow in early winter.
  7. Puffin: I think puffins are precious, mostly because they are like penguins that can fly! How cool is that?

Let me know which birds are your favorite, and check out the sites below about bird conservation, and have a sparkly day!

American Bird Conservancy
Bird Conservation Network
Bird Conservation Research

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