About TheGenFem

The Genesis Feminist isa  blog devoted to embracing biblical femininity in a post sexual revolution world. As a young black woman in America, I am told I should have certain political views and certain opinions on social issues. I tend to not fall into that “should” category and as a result, my blog doesn’t either.

It is my belief that authentic femininity is found in our complimenting the opposite sex and supporting all people, especially the most vulnerable. Too often we hear women in the modern “feminist” movement putting men down, rejecting the beautiful gift of life within them, and ignoring some of the most spectacular things about being a woman. We are dynamic, passionate, fun, loving, kind, supportive, inclusive, bold, strong, compassionate, and nurturing. These are the things that authentic feminism is about. And these are the things The Genesis Feminist is about.

In my tiny slice of the big bad world of digital media you will find my struggles and triumphs as I attempt to brave the world of womanhood. I invite you along on my life long journey of spirituality, relationships, and service to those around me. I have a variety of interests and The Genesis Feminist reflects that, you will find everything from faith to fandom, family life to fashion, and most importantly–FOOD. I hope you find something here you enjoy.

And always remember to stay sparkly, my friends.

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