Why is Modesty Important

We live in a very sexualized culture; we hear advertisers say things like, “sex sells.” They’re right in saying sex sells but the consequences of advertising sex so freely can be detrimental to society. But why is that? Why shouldn’t we advertise sex? If it’s selling and it’s what people want to see, isn’t it a good thing? The answer is no. Sex is a great thing, our bodies are beautiful and we should treat both our bodies and sex with respect. Modesty is a really important part of life for both men and women.

Lust is one of the seven deadly sins. Unlike other sins, lust is a sin against ourselves. Scripture tells us that sexual sins are sins against our own bodies. How can we avoid this sin? By each of us taking responsibility for ourselves.

It is the duty of each individual to be modest for the sake of their brothers and sisters. Because of our fallen human nature, many of us lust at seeing an attractive person. Add immodest dress and sexualized behavior, and those feelings are magnified. Because Christ tells us to love our neighbor, we have a responsibility to one another to dress appropriately.

This sort of lifestyle choice isn’t just for women, men can dress immodestly as well. Guys who walk around with cut off shirts or run with no shirts on at all, could be turning the hearts of their sisters to lust. Modesty is about protecting the temple of the Holy Spirit. We have to know our bodies are beautiful and perfect. Sex is beautiful and perfect. But there is a proper time and a proper place to reveal the body. I would encourage all of us to strongly consider growing in modesty through faith.

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Genesis 34


34:2-3 Love is patient and kind not aggressive and forceful. If he really loved her, he wouldn’t hurt her. The strong attraction is lust.
34:15 Choose a mate from your household. As in, be evenly yoked. Evangelize.
34:25 & 30 Turn the other cheek, forgive. They have brought trouble on themselves by attempting to seek revenge.

He never really seemed to love her but he did put forth some effort. The brothers should not have sought revenge even though the act was heinous. Revenge seeks revenge and results in endless circles of violence. The only way to stop it, is by forgiving, making peace, and moving forward.

Lord, help me to forgive the transgressions others make against me the way you forgive mine.

A Rare Treasure

When I was in high school, my best friend’s dad used to tell the boys, “There are girls you date and there are girls you marry. Never get the two confused.” It’s a pretty funny statement that rings very true. The woman worthy of marriage is hard to find, she is a rare treasure. The girls you date, on the other hand, are a dime a dozen. There are plenty of those fish in the sea. I don’t think most of us think like this in our relationships. A woman of worth does not sleep with her boyfriends. A woman of worth dresses with modesty. A woman of worth, finds that worth in Jesus, not her dad, the culture, or her boyfriend. Do you see your worth through the eyes of God?

We, as women of faith desiring marriage, should conduct ourselves accordingly. Later we will see this woman who has worth beyond jewels is wise, compassionate, and steadfast. During this blessed time of singleness we should grow in virtue, diligence, and develop in our relationship with the Lord. To Christ, your worth is already beyond jewels, so throughout the next few weeks, let’s start viewing ourselves the same way. When we can see how Jesus sees we will live in a way that honors him and the people around us.

  1. Are you a diamond in the rough?
  2. Are you the kind of girl to date or marry?
  3. How can you grow in your relationship with Jesus and in virtue to prepare yourself for marriage?

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Genesis 32


32:11 Humble yourself! God doesn’t have to answer your prayers. You don’t deserve them. All he has done for you and what little you have done for him. You are unworthy.
32:29 We must be soldiers for Him.
32:33 Kosher, don’t eat hip muscle.

I am so unworthy of the gifts you’ve given and I have no right to ask of more. I turn away from you everyday and give myself or others power over me that belongs to you alone. I thank you for the faithfulness you’ve shown and I’m sorry I haven’t trusted you. Make me your soldier.

I belong to you, Lord. Conform me to your will. Amen.

The Glue

During the consecration at Mass this morning, the Lord sparked a thought in my head: He is the glue in a marriage. I’ve seen pictures and posts online about godly marriages having Christ at the center. I knew this was a good thing, what should be the goal of all marriages. If Jesus is supposed to be the center of our lives, then of course he should be the center of the marriage. But today he spoke to my heart. He isn’t supposed to just be the center, he’s the glue.

It is through Christ that our relationships are successful. We are incapable of the true, deep, authentic love that is required in marriage while we are in our fallen state. But Jesus shares his love with us and through us. It is only in him that spouses are capable of the complete self-sacrifice that he displayed for us on the cross. The example is a vital component for teaching us to love, but the fullness of that love is found in Eucharist.

Jesus didn’t just die on the cross 2,000 years ago. He makes present for us that sacrifice at every Mass. I wonder how often couples who receive communion regularly get divorced. The Blessed Sacrament is the glue in our marriages. It is in it that we see love, sacrifice, joy, and peace. Frequent reception of Holy Communion should be at the heart of our relationships. We receive the graces necessary to live like Jesus when we receive him sacramentally.

I have noticed that some couples put other things between them. A lot put the kids in the middle. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The trouble is, eventually the kids grow up  and if the only thing Mom and Dad have connected on over the past 20 years is the children, then they’re going to have some trouble when the birds fly the nest. Some put TV, work, or the house in the center of their marriages but this probably leads to a lot of strife. Jesus is the only thing that should be between a husband and his wife. Only Jesus can pull them closer to one another rather than drive a wedge. Jesus will help couples move past their struggles while everything else will cover up, at best. Eucharist is like spiritual medicine, not just for our souls, but also for our relationships.

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Genesis 31


31:9 God takes blessings from those who are not thankful and gives it to those who are.
31:42 God sees our troubles and will always help us.
31:50 God sees the things we do in secrecy and will punish accordingly.

God sees all and helps all that call to him. He knows my desires and my struggles and will protect and provide for me.

I trust you, Lord.