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    Emotional Wellness

    Emotional health is the delicate art of recognizing, processing, and articulating one’s thoughts and feelings. For me, this is one of the hardest to accomplish. I was raised in one of those “don’t feel anything,” kind of homes. To this day, if my dad sees me smiling too much he’ll tell me to stop. All emotions are good: happiness, sadness, even anger. The problem isn’t having emotions,  it’s what we do with them.   Stress is something most of us have to contend with to some degree. Learning how to deal with stress in an effective way can do wonders for our mental health. First, it’s important to recognize the…

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    Intellectual Wellness

    Intellectual health is focused on expanding your mind through learning and life experiences. This form of wellness is one that one may not consider, but it can help give a reason for getting out of bed in the morning. One of the things I had to discover when I left school was that there is a difference between learning and education. I have always been a bad student, but I love learning. After leaving college, I spend my free time reading books (something I hated doing in school), watching documentaries, and doing research. The girl I was ten years ago was far more focused on social media and reality TV.…

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    Spiritual Wellness

    Spiritual health is the set of values you hold as a guide for life’s decisions. For many people, this doesn’t include any set creed or religious tradition, rather it is a personal exploration and definition. I’m not one of those people. I’m Catholic, and happy to be so. My apprehension about this idea of an individual spirituality, is that it doesn’t hold water when one is confronted by extreme challenges. People are often willing to make compromises to personal values, more often than they would be if there was a set doctrine to adhere to. For example, consider the first time a young person has sex. Often, the first guilty…

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    Physical Wellness

    Physical health is about keeping the body in balance and in top working order. Being someone impacted by an eating disorder, physical wellness is of primary importance to me. But, even those who don’t struggle with food related conditions, dietary changes can be a sign of imbalance. As we strive for wellness, we must take into consideration our relationship with food. Each person is different and therefore has different dietary needs. Finding a healthy, balanced diet, that gives you all the macro and micro nutrients your body needs to operate optimally, can be difficult but is vital. Focus your attention more on health than appearance, that’s important.   The human…

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    God Chooses Your Roll

    My brother is in that phase of life where he is trying to figure out what his best case scenario is. He’s contemplating how he wants his life to go and what he needs to do to achieve that scenario. He has asked me a few times what I think of my best case scenario and how much time I spend thinking about the future, what I want to do with my life, etc. He’s also asked me what I thought of his dreams and plans, which I’m always careful how I respond. I’m now at the place in life where I don’t need to contemplate the future. I know…

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    This has been the hardest post to write in the book of Numbers. Probably because I’m not a very generous person. I spoke in this week’s video about the three different ways one can be generous. Like all of us, I’m better with some than others. I’m typically pretty generous with my treasure. I live at home and don’t really have any bills so I don’t mind giving money to those in need. I always tithe 10 and give to an second collections when I can. I also love giving to the local women’s health center. They do a lot of good work, especially considering there is a Planned Parenthood…

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    Listening to God

    Moses is very fortunate to be the intimate friend of the Almighty and to have the opportunity to hear God so clearly. Unfortunately, because of the Fall, the rest of us are not so fortunate. We have to find other ways to hear God and know we are walking down the right path. As I said in this week’s video, there are a lot of ways to listen to God, and he will communicate to each of us in the way we are most receptive to it. I hear God most in nature. I’m a very indoorsy kind of person, so I wonder what that says about the state of…

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    Giving Someone a Pass

    In my experience, forgiving myself for past mistakes is far my challenging than forgiving others for the poor choices they have made. I strive each day to be better than the day before but I often fall short of that goal. There are so many things we struggle with that seem like the silent battles we face throughout the day. But even the wounds that can’t be seen, can still cause us pain and suffering. We should put all of our challenges at the foot of the cross, especially these hidden ones. Learning to forgive ourselves is an important practice. We have to understand that, although we are children of…

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    Nature of God

    Our Lord is so big and he has so many attributes. One of the greatest things about our journey, we have the opportunity to discover more about God every single day. His love is so endless and we will never be able to describe the fullness and depth of him while we are on Earth. I have been asked several times what the day of my baptism was like. It wasn’t just baptism, though. As a convert, I received all three sacraments of initiation all in the same day: baptism, confirmation, and Eucharist. It was the most amazing day of my life and I’m not entirely sure how to describe…

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    Importance of Holy Orders

    I’m really struggling to write this post because I learned about a bad priest in my diocese today. A friend of mine, who has always been disillusioned with religion had a poor experience when he was going to baptize his child. The priest told him that he needed to be tithing to the church for several months before he would baptize the baby. This is NOT Church teaching, tithes are to be done according to one’s heart, and priests cannot deny sacraments for arbitrary reasons. I was sure to confirm with my friend that it was about tithe, not about going to Mass. When one baptizes a child, they commit…

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